International conference on natural bioactive products in food and health

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The polydisciplinary faculty of Larache will host and organize in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tangier and foreign partnersThe International Conference on Natural Bioactive Products in Food and Health. This international scientific event will be an opportunity for researchers from the fields of biotechnology, Food Process, Natural Products chemistry and health, to share and discuss their works around the thematic: Natural Products and their application in the fields of food and health. This conference will take place simultaneously with the CORE GROUP MEETING Nº 2 of the COST ACTION SOURDOmICS Project: SOURDOugh biotechnology network towards novel, healthier and sustainable food and bIoproCesseS working group.

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Jeudi, 15 septembre, 2022 to Vendredi, 16 septembre, 2022
Faculté Polydisciplinaire Larache
Pr. Noureddine EL AOUAD, [email protected]